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The power of face authentication, access reader, camera and intercom in a single, sleek device. 

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Access Methods

The reader supports the most advanced facial verification technology, modern smartphone credentials, traditional cards and key fobs.

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No Badge Sharing

Unlike traditional cardkey access control, which can’t guarantee the user is the actual badge owner, the Anavio reader can intelligently verify identity.

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Liveness detection can identify attempted presentation attacks, like printed photos, masks, or videos, and denies access accordingly.

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Contactless Entry

Touchless mobile entry allows hands-free access to your facilities for a green, plastic-free solution.

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Temporary Visitor Access

Send visitors a web link (via an email or text) that will grant them temporary access to a specific door—no app required.

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Built-in Access

The built-in access controller panel allows you to control electronic door locks, exit buttons, and door contacts without long wiring runs.


A powerful cloud access control and intercom solution

Combine access control with an AI camera, motion and sound detection, and a 2-way intercom for the most intelligent multi-function reader in the industry.

Answer the door from anywhere

You can access your Anavio door intercom from any desktop or mobile device, with live notifications anytime someone rings the door.

Safeguard your buildings against unauthorized access from stolen or shared keycards

Businesses face an unprecedented threat from stolen or shared keycards. Traditional access control can't guarantee the user is the actual badge owner, so a thief could easily gain entry with a stolen or lost card.

Our face credentialing technology safeguards your building by ensuring the person entering is actually the person assigned to the credential.

Advanced access management for businesses of all sizes

  • Easy enrollment
  • Guest management
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Automated workflows
  • On-the-go notifications

Add users easily via the device itself or through text or email selfie notifications.


Easily give temporary access to contractors, parents, and other visitors using selfie enrollment.



Create custom door schedules for individuals and groups to accommodate holidays, after-hour access, and other schedules you might need.



Create automated workflows for lockdowns, when doors are forced open, spoof attempts--and several other events.



Get notifications when someone triggers a key event like spoof attempts so you can act immediately, no matter where you are.




See how Anavio can help you secure your business and streamline your security operations.